New To Sustainability

I’m finally paying attention to things I should have noticed much sooner. Although I’m quick to turn off lights and eat less meat than the average person, I wasn’t aware I was doing so much damage to the earth. I definitely can reduce the amount of plastic I use and I am guilty of wasting food. Both of these are the result of poor planning and I suppose some laziness. But I’m really taking steps to improving this. In addition to trying to be waste free, I have minimized the amount of clothing, accessories and makeup I have. I’ve probably reduced my clothes to 20 percent of what I had before and I plan to only use ethical brands or purchase items second hand (or accept clothing that used to belong to friends/family). I’ve gotten rid of most of my makeup that isn’t natural but I really want to make my own or use products that come in non plastic containers. I have been making skincare for a few months and realized I purchased plastic tubes to put the chapstick in. So since I already have them, I was thinking I’d give them to family and friends to test out the product and they can return it to me and I can wash them and make more for them. It’s the only option I can think of so as to not waste it. I plan to purchase cardboard or paper tubes when selling them online. The other containers are glass or tins; see on the website I get the containers from they didn’t have a non plastic tube option so I just didn’t think of it at the time.

I’ve recently discovered brands like Pact, Dazey LA and Cleanface Cosmetics. When the time comes to get na new shirt or two I will go to the first two for sure as they are ethically made and I believe Dazey is locally made. It’s a great story behind Dazey LA. The short version is that an artist used to design for a lot of fast fashion companies and now she has her own company, the shirts are made to order so there is no waste, and the designs have meaning behind them as opposed to just anything a large company thinks will sell. I really love this movement of sustainability but also mindfulness and meaning. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before I just haven’t been living meaningfully.


It’s been really fun to make my own skincare and I plan on making my own makeup as well. In the meantime I have been waiting on Cleanface Cosmetics’ charcoal eye liner - it’s made up of only 4 ingredients: candelilla wax, castor oil, activated charcoal, kaolin and comes in a reusable container.


I’ve also ordered this lovely balm from Living Libations called Maiden Fern Blushing Balm that I think will be great for blush as well as lips and maybe even eye lids (it’s a thing). The ingredients in the balm are a many lovely and Organic: Jojoba, Seabuckthorn, Happy Beeswax, Stone Root, Rose Otto, Neroli, Lavender, Immortelle, Carrot Seed, Ginger, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Cayenne, Turmeric.


I think my next move will be to buy some Beeswax wraps so I stop using plastic bags and I have to remember to bring my tote bags / reusable bags with me when I go shopping. I just hope I can get my boyfriend on board with some of this sustainability. He gets plasticware

from Trader Joe’s whenever we go….I’m surprised TJ’s even has this as an option. But I think I may invest in some bamboo ware, even if I’m the one who has to wash it all the time. I think my goals are to have a minimalist wardrobe, skincare and makeup routine. Reduce waste and live with a conscious mindset about what I’m putting in and on my body. I think I’ve been good about it in some ways: eating organic, trying to cut out sugar and caffeine but I’m only half way there.