DIY coconut coffee scrub bars

Peppermint coffee coconut scrub bars with Shea butter and brown sugar. (Caution: tub may get slippery)


1 cup ground coffee (used is better caffeine is activated and good for cellulite, etc)

1 cup coconut oil

2 tablespoons Shea butter

1/3 a cup brown sugar

Melt Shea butter & coconut oil- mix together. Add coffee grinds & sugar. Mix more .


You can add a few drops of essential oil. I like mint; it reminds me of a peppermint mocha. You could use orange too. Similar recipes online recommend vanilla extract- sounds amazing!


Pour the mixture into ice cube trays, muffin trays (any small containers you like-you can see I used a few different ones); make sure there’s a difference in color from bottom to top; a layer of the oil sitting in top of the thick layer of grinds. Place containers on a pan and cover with plastic wrap. Then place the pan carefully in the freezer. After a half hour or so these should be frozen. You can pop them out of the containers and store in a plastic bag in the fridge or freezer.



To use:

Before a shower, place a bar a bit away from the shower, either in a small plate or in a plastic bag on your sink or shelf, to use when ready. Be aware the coconut oil & shea butter will eventually melt. I like to jump in shower & get my skin ready for absorption. So maybe start with your normal routine. After a few minutes turn off water & grab bar. Carefully exfoliate desired area of skin with the dark side of the bar. Follow with the light side of the bar to moisturize. You can alternate sides a few times so exfoliating won’t be too rough. The bar will continuously melt and grinds will fall in tub/shower (the water will rinse them down drain) but that’s okay because these are pretty much 1-3 uses per bar- just a fun DIY for yourself if you enjoy homemade skincare. Place bar back off to the side & continue shower. Rinse off excess grinds/oil & continue your normal routine. Your skin will be super smooth even after you dry off! You can pit the remainder of bar back in the fridge or freezer* (recommended)* #diyskincare #homemadebodyscrub #coconutoil #theskincareenthuiast #yum #love #yourskinabsorbseverything #whyusechemicals