Galina, Halina, Halyna (Cyrillic: Галина; from Greek γαλήνη "calmness") is a Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovene and Ukraine female name.

In Ancient Greek myths Galene was one of the Nereid mermaids as the goddess of calm seas.


Jenni was given the middle name Halina, after her Polish Grandmother, who was not a mermaid, but the kindest person ever to make Pierogis and Blueberry Noodle soup.  As for her first name: when she was born (NY), her mother looked at her, and after having suggested various non-American -ina, -iana ending names, shrugged and said "How about Jenni?" to which her relieved father said, "Okay, done."  

Jenni spent most of her childhood performing in the arts. At the age of 3 she started playing classical violin and studies the Suzuki  method.  Shortly after, piano, flute and voice followed. She started acting at age 6, having been inspired by her father who was also an actor, with an industrial film for Good House Keeping Magazine and did some print modeling here and there. In high school and at NYU, where she received a BA in music. she performed in various choirs, orchestra, theater and student films.  In college, her brother bought her a guitar for her birthday. Soon after, she taught herself to play guitar and began writing songs.  

After college she joined a few bands and then eventually ventured out on her own; performing at various NYC venues like Ace of Clubs, The National Underground, Sidewalk Cafe and The Pussy Cat Lounge and more.  Around that time she pursued acting again and was offered a role in the play Angry Young Women, by director/writer Matt Morillo, which was performed at the Theatre for the New City in Manhattan. This led to numerous opportunities, one of which involved moving to Los Angeles for one of the lead roles in The Inventor, The Escort, The Photographer, Her Boyfriend and His Girlfriend (also by Matt Morillo). Jenni was then offered a supporting role John Bucher's When Kings Battle (opposite James Kyson, NBC Heroes) which was nominated for Best Overall Short at the Hollyshorts Film Festival and helped create and star in the spin off web series of Angry Young Women which was (by Matt Morillo). 

Jenni is also a model with Bicoastal Model Management and MMG; she was in campaigns for Hamadi Organics, Jakett NY and Carnivor Wine as well as editorial and print work. Her latest work includes a supporting role as Tiffany/Julie in Seanie Sugrue's One Way to Pluto! (13th Street Rep) which was nominated for a New York Innovative Theatre Award and a small role in an upcoming Lifetime Movie Network series called Battle of the Sexes. 

She speaks Spanish, French and a little Polish, continues to sing and write music, practices violin and likes to hike, which in LA is a fancy way of saying walk. She's currently attempting yoga and lives in Culver City with three guys and a goldfish named Barry.