“Both (Pilutik) and Halina deserve kudos for refusing to be body shamed (to piggyback on PC tropes) in the most concrete way.”

-Ethlie Ann Vare, The Hollywood Times

“Jenni Halina again demonstrates a fearlessness for embodying characters that are fully alive in their skin.”

- John Bucher, Author of Storytelling for Virtual Reality: Methods & Principles for Creating Immersive Narratives

“I was a fan of Matt Morillo’s 2012 Fringe production, “The Inventor, The Escort, The Photographer, Her Boyfriend, and His Girlfriend,” so I was excited to see that he was putting up another show (and that Jenni Halina was returning)…Halina is playing a different character, but she shares similar traits with her role in the 2012 show (both are free-spirited artists), so it was fascinating to see her on-stage again playing an evolved version of the same character.”

-Jeff Laub, certified Fringe reviewer

“Cynthia Aldrich and Jenni Halina play off each other beautifully as they navigate their mutual conflict with justified and intelligent banter.”

-Jessica Moreno, Producer/Writer